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Tunic Caladena (MTO)


MTO: made to order.  (For group order 6 or more)

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This tunic is for group order 6 or more, all must be the same color. Takes approx. 20 days to make them. 

Not for individual sale, please check in stock pages for individual sale.

Our tunic is the best solution to give your dress new looks without buying the whole new dress. Simply wear it over your sleeveless dress or skirt. Even though your dress is so simple or you only have basic practice skirt, your whole dress looks will be more interesting and beautiful when you wear it together with this tunic and your practice skirt will be more appropriate to wear on your dance show.

This tunic has two ruffles on sleeves, and two on the bottom of the tunic, cut in diagonal. Bottom ruffles colors to choose are white, black, red. If you choose the same color as your main color, they will be slightly different because we are using very lightweight fabric for the bottom ruffles. Please email us your bottom ruffles color after your purchase.

The tunic can be ordered with sleeves length of your choice, 2/3 or 3/4 or long sleeves. Sleeves length result can be varied on individuals, we recommended 2/3 or 3/4 sleeves length.

We use great quality of stretch lace fabric for your comfort and freedom of your dance movement.

Our top fabrics are different to skirt fabrics for their purpose. They can be a slightly different shade of the same color. If you plan to use the same fabric please contact us before purchase.

Please compare your body measurements onto our size chart before purchase.