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Sara High Waist Skirt (MTO)


MTO: made to order.  (For group order 6 or more)

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This skirt is for group order 6 or more, all must be the same color. Takes approx. 20 days to make them. 

Not for individual sale, please check in stock pages for individual sale.

This simple skirt is nice for practice and for a small dance show. The skirt is fitted from waist to butt, and it has great flare so you can swing it for flamenco dance.

We designed this skirt with high waist, which gives you a taller illusion. You also can fold over the waistband for regular waist looks, drop waist looks and adjust the skirt length.

We use great quality of stretch fabric for your comfort and freedom of your dance movement.

Our top(blouse/tunic/bolero) fabrics are different to skirt fabrics for their purpose. They can be a slightly different shade of the same color. If you plan to use the same fabric please contact us before purchase.

The actual color you see will depend on your computer system and we cannot guarantee that your computer will accurately display such colors. Blue color has the tendency to reflect purple shade on a photo.
Color on the model is Midnite blue and no longer available. Please refer to color swatch for available colors.

Please compare your body measurements onto our size chart before purchase.