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Circle Skirt High Waist (MTO)


MTO: made to order. For group order 6 or more.

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This skirt is for group order 6 or more, all must be the same color. Takes approx. 20 days to make them. 

Not for individual sale, please check in stock pages for individual sale.

We bring back the old school style of flamenco skirt but with a fitted upper part down to under buttock area for a modern and slim image. The bottom part of the skirt is a circle flare, great for your skirt works (lifted, swing etc..). Great for practice, small show and casual for your feminine look.

We designed this skirt with high waist, which it will give you a taller illusion. You also can fold over the waistband for regular waist looks, drop waist looks and adjust the skirt length as you need.  Skirt length is very important for a flamenco dancer.

Please compare your body measurements onto our size chart before purchase.